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NeuroSail ®

The NeuroSail Four Seasons Supplement is a collection of dietary supplements designed by our Psychiatrist and Neuropharmacologist, Dr. Tianlai Tang. They were formulated with our patients who want a more natural treatment option, in mind. NeuroSail simulates the natural cycle of seasons and gently rebalances the critical neurotransmitters to allow the mind to find its natural rhythm. • Dopamine for wakefulness (simulate Spring) • Serotonin for affection (simulate Summer) • Acetylcholine for restoration (simulate Autumn) • GABA for relaxation (simulate Winter) Each NeuroSail supplement uses neurotransmitter precursors, or natural biological ingredient, to boost the function of the neurotransmitter-receptor system. They naturally provide a boost of an individual targeted neurotransmitter. At NBI, our clinicians carefully assess clinical symptoms and the neurotransmitter deficiency state by using the Tang Neurotransmitter Deficiency Scale, and the Braverman Personality Test. Then, an individualized treatment plan is developed to guide the neurotransmitter supplements or medication treatment.

1. Awakening & Foocus: Dopamine Booser

2. Clarity & Restore: Acetylcholine Booster

3 Affection & Motivation: Serotonin Booster

4. Calm & Rest: Gaba Booster

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