Home Care for Residential and nursing home residents

At Nashville Brain Institute (NBI), we specialize in providing geriatric psychiatry and neurology service where they are most needed.

Our team delivers superior service and enhanced personal care while reducing the potential liability of care facilities. Our services will add satisfaction from the nursing home patients and their care givers.

We use Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) model to strengthen the collaboration between the primary care and psychiatric care providers.

The patient will be assigned with an CoCM case manager. Our staff will include at least one family members in the initial evaluation. Family consultation is also available when needed.

To help ensure optimal care, NBI participates in monthly medication reduction review conferences which are subsequently documented to the patient’s medical record. Nurse practitioners are engaged to maximize availability with at least two-times visit each week for routine follow-up services.

Initial evaluation by Board Certified Psychiatrist or Neurologist and twice a week visits by nurse practitioner.

Onsite Mental health counseling with our master therapist

Systematic medication reduction reviews with GeneSight Psychotropic Test guidance

​Routine competency assessments

Onsite Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for treatment-persistent depression when needed

​Case Management to coordinate care among primary care, psychiatrist, family and insurances

Onsite Intensive Out Patient (IOP) program setup

Accept Medicare, Medicaid and all other insurances